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A Call to Fight the Occupation – Not Each Other

With the intention of forming a human chain across Ramallah from the Hamas-controlled parliament building to the Fatah-controlled PA headquarters, an estimated 500 to 1,000 Palestinians gathered yesterday in the West Bank city of Ramallah to protest the internal violence plaguing Palestine. The demonstrators, from towns all over the West Bank, held hands and stretched out from the parliament to the center of town, at which point everyone began marching, singing and chanting with signs and banners towards the PA Headquarters.

Organized by the Palestinian Farmer’s Union, the demonstration gathered farmers, workers, schoolchildren, women’s groups and international activists together to demand an end to the recent violent conflict between Fatah and Hamas. The infighting has resulted in numerous injuries and deaths, mainly in Gaza, leaving many Palestinians calling for national unity and support from leaders in ending the violence. Many demonstrators feel such internal conflict weakens Palestinian resistance against the Israeli occupation. One large banner which depicted a destroyed olive tree, read, “Let’s work together to protect the land, and halt Palestinian bloodshed.”
At the PA headquarters, the crowd chanted for about ten minutes outside the entrance when the gates opened and armed Palestinian guards welcomed the demonstrators inside the government compound. After a few moments, a presidential spokesperson arrived and informed the people of President Abbas’ strong support for national unity and an end to the fighting among Fatah and Hamas members.