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14th of August 2003

European Jews for a Just Peace releases StatementOfEJJP
13th of August 2003

Hani Amer’s house and yard were this afternoon declared a closed military area.

At 3:45 PM a security guard (of the contractor putting up the wall) informed a group of about 20 Israelis and internationals present at the camp that they had to leave immediately. After the group insisted on seeing the order in writing, soldiers appeared with it about 15 minutes later; the order seemed to have been initiated at the request of the security guard.

More soldiers arrived, threatening to jail those present, and dismantled the tent. The soldiers also threatened Hani Amer, telling him that if he continued to allow the peace camp to remain on his property, his house would suffer the same fate as had the tent.

The soldiers dragged Nazeeh away, but eventually freed him. No one was charged. All left peacefully.

The Camp, dear friends, will continue, even though it has been forced to move. No authority will succeed in preventing Israelis, Palestinians, and Internationals from joining hands in peace to protest the terrible wall.

Hani Amer’s home and family will be in a precarious position, now that even friends will not be allowed to visit